January 12, 2019

After many weeks of designing our invention theoretically, our InvenTeam has started to gather supplies needed to create our first physical prototype. Over winter break, our team met up at our local Lowe's, Home Depot, and Harbor Freight to browse the materials in store there. We hoped to be inspired by the application of tools and machinery, so it could potentially improve the rough sketch of our invention description. At Harbor Freight, one of our team members pointed out that the structure of a Pressure Washer accurately demonstrates the design we have planned for our invention. This observation was a kick start to the building of our invention. Since then, a finalized version of our prototype was created, and the materials we needed were soon bought. Right now I am only eleven hours away from bringing our idea to life! Not only was December a month dedicated to researching plausible prototype designs, but it also included spreading awarenesss in our community about our CGUHS InvenTeam. Two other members of the team and I went to local business ready to hand them a small packet that informed them about our team's puprose and Lemelson-MIT. We expressed that any donation would be greatly accepted, since we still need to fundraise for future expenses. Overall, the last few months of 2018 showed stready progress in the development of our invention, as we prepare for the deadline that is rapidly approaching.