November 14, 2016

Detecting Team Updates
We are doing more research with regards to the physical look of the device. Also, we have been looking into other mobile applications similar to the one we plan to introduce in correspondence to our detection device.
Testing Team Updates
We have figured out the schematics of the EMG tester device but need to do the same for the EDA tester. We used paper as a reference for the testing device, which is adapted for our purposes. We're trying to make the program that is going to be used for the waves and testing process. 
Injecting Team Updates
We've been looking at and researching different ideas to improve the invention, and we plan to finalize the design by the end of this month. Mainly, we have been researching ways to make the injector smaller. Also, we ordered our first part to the device.
Public Relations Team Updates
We have been in contact with multiple newspapers and radio stations to publicize our achievement. Also, we created an Instagram, Twitter, and GoFundMe page. Please follow our Instagram/ Twitter page @carmelinventeam. You can also donate to our GoFundMe at