April 4, 2017

Our team jumped right back into working after spring break, as a few members of the technical team embarked on their second site visit to collect some finalizing data. While there, we measured the distance between existing ORCA structures and mounting equipment, and also planned the direction for our solar panel. With the acquisition of this data, we thought of a couple more points to consider when planning the final installation of our device.
Since we are essentially adding to ORCA’s original Kilroy design, we have to account for the power they use and their boxes and structures already in place. On top of that, we took into account the rules against blocking the existing boat traffic signs and what not.
Now that we have visited the site for the second time, we have a clearer picture of how we are going to place our solar panel and where we can mount our boxes. We are scheduled for a ground site visit to establish and install our ground units. It is an exciting time ahead as we prepare for EurekaFest!