November 2, 2018

As technology advances, so does humanity’s dependence on energy; however, about 1 billion people around the world do not have access to electricity.

The Richland Two Institute of Innovation InvenTeam consists of nine students working together to provide a sustainable and clean energy source to the community of Sare Bilaly, Senegal in Sub-Saharan Africa, which is one of the many communities facing this issue. The goal of the team is to invent a sustainable modular power source, using the InvenTeam grant, that can provide sufficient power to operate a photocopier, while remaining easy to assemble, maintain, and adapt to future needs. It also needs to be able to handle the extremes of Senegal’s climate, from tropic humidity to seasonal dryness. These criteria are based the original request from the school’s principal, Madame Fanta Fofana Boiro, and the students of Sare Bilaly will provide input and feedback throughout the design process to make sure the final product is one that can operate successfully.