February 15, 2019

To say that I am vasty proud of the team would be an understatement. Our mid-grant technical review was a resounding success. Our connections to the community are amazing, and the outreach has been unprecedented for any program at our school that I know of for the past four years. The work this team has put in place is phenomenal! In my short experience as a teacher in public school and public education, I have not seen the level of continued motivation and zeal, unprecedented direction and fervor that these young men and women have shown. Not even as an instructor in the Navy had I experienced this level of zeal! As a parent and a teacher, I see hope for our future and especially their future.

We are keeping it fun. These young adults have not forgotten that it is also important to be a kid. It is a good thing I have never grown up, older and wiser yes, but never old. I hope that as a teacher, I can continue to guide them through this endeavor while keeping it engaging and entertaining! I firmly believe that this team will take the path of most resistance, struggle, conflict and growth, yet never loose their inner child. 

The Lemelson-MIT program has given even more direction to scholars from all walks of life and all socio-economic status who otherwise may have little outlook on a magnificent future. In this mid grant period, keep the fires burning and stay motivated! We are half way there!

-Sean Hurley, InvenTeam Educator