December 28, 2015

Friday the eighteenth, our team held a video chat with Mr. Anthony Perry to discuss our invention's design and how our team has progressed thus far. We are continuing to sharpen our skills with our CAD program as well as with the many power tools we will use throughout this season. We have also solidified our decision to use a vertical lift instead of our original forebar design. We will have our platform connected to a nut and flange which will be moving up and down on a lead screw and allow us to lower our 'cage' onto the deck of the boat. Last Tuesday, our team also met with a professional engineer, Mr. Tom, who reviewed and approved the SolidWorks design of our lift. With his affirmation, we will soon start prototyping with construction grade foam that was donated to our team by Holifield Engineering Inc. We will continue to work closely with Mr. Tom as we begin to build our prototype.