May 7, 2017

With 5 weeks left to go, we are on our way to completing our fully functioning prototype. Our heating elements for our first component are complete. Our second component, the liquid chemical storage is finished as well. For our third component, the mechanical abrasion, we are putting on the finishing touches. Our next step now is wiring for our prototype which proves to be a difficult task but the team is confident we can do it. Completing our 3D modelings is also a task needed to be done.

Other than our progress for our prototype, we have already purchased the shipping supplies for the project. The poster boards and brochures are also on their way to completion. We just need more pictures of the finished prototype. The final report of our project is also finished. After a little bit of technical problems, the team turned in their all their trip forms.

One exiciting news is that the team has already purchased our flight tickets. Everyone is ready to go explore MIT and present our functioning prototype. The team is determined to completing our fully functioning prototype that we meet every Sunday. Now that’s dedication!