January 6, 2016

This past month’s (Dec.) theme: Spend to BUILD

This past month: The month started off with a community outreach opportunity. InvenTeam members went to a nearby middle schools and taught the students there about different electronic parts and how to solder. They made electronic Christmas trees together!!!
Later into the month, we made several decision based on the check list posted earlier. Trinity College has been quiet for the past several weeks although they already promised to send their prototypes for us to base ours on. The Stove/Culture and electrical team is researching deep into African culture, stove making, and electronic usage. We want to make sure our system is suitable for what the clients already have and not offensive culturally. Over research, we found that that the most used kind cellphone in Africa takes around 500 to 1000 milliamps and 5 to 7 volts. This led us to the decision that one TEG could generate enough power with a booster to sustain charging. We have also decided to use water-cool because it is cheap, easy to build, and can be reassembled using materials that is available to the end users. Water cooling would keep our TEG at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. This setup would enable us to generate around 2.5 watts over a 200 degree Celsius temperature difference. With a capacitor on the board we would be able to boost the voltage higher without losing much current.
After doing long hours of research and making all these hard decisions. The team went to the junkyard to find some scrap metals and bikes that are found all over Africa. The Building Phrase Has Begun!!

Key dates that’s coming soon:
● Mid-Grant Review
● Product version 1.0 done by mid-grant

All things that needs to be done since the beginning of this month:
- Shopping: Welding/Machines
- Putting together the electrical and the cooling
- Blueprint/CAD
- Shopping/research: Water Cool
- Shopping/research: specific TEG and DC/DC booster
- Fundraise (throughout proj.)

All things to buy since the beginning of this month:
Super micro Passive CPU Hs for Intel
Scrap Metal
Welding machine
Cutting machine
Heat Pipes

A Electronic Christmas Tree!!

Helping the Middle Schoolers


We got a broken bike from the junk yard, lets turn it into something useful!!