February 17, 2016

This past month’s (Jan.) theme: Build!!

This past month: Sorry about the late update. The team is busy building and January just happened to be when all the large projects are hitting everyone each year. Mid-grant review is coming up while the progress is slow but constant. In the picture below, we have our first prototype. The model shows basic size and shape of our air cooled unit. The rod in front is used as a heat pipe, conducting heat, while the back uses a fan to stay cool. We are now busy perfecting them system and building our water and geo cooled units. The team is scattered, each person focusing on their individual parts. We have some members currently focusing on Intel Science Fair while others are worrying about the prototype display on March 4th. Overall we are planning to be finished with all kinds of prototype by early march and decide which one is most effective at that time.

First Prototype: