December 2, 2015

This month's theme: Team Building!!
This past month:
The team have been very busy tinkering this month. Each specific group have gain more understanding of their specific component. The electrical group have obtained many sets of data using TEGs and TECs of different size and shape; the cooling group have measured the difference in temperature of the ground in relation to different depth; the clay group have researched on different cultures and the kinds of stoves and technique of building each one use. Through collaborating the team has bonded and the progress has been outstanding. We also welcomed Leigh from L- MIT to our school on the 18th of this past month. During the brief meeting, Leigh talked about respecting culture, working with others, and inventing for a better future. We feel that these are great guidelines and through this program we will be a step closer to be – INVENTORS!!!

Key dates that’s coming soon:
● Blueprint/outline/sketch/prototype to test known by Dec. 1st
● Prototype testing begins by Dec. 11

All things that needs to be done since the beginning of this month:
- Tinkering: Power Generation Kit
- Figure out possible design for electronics and cooling units
- Blueprint/CAD
- Test cooling prototype: Water Cool
- Test cooling prototype: Geo-Cool
- Test electric prototype: Normal TEC
- Test electric prototype: dual layer TEC
- Test electric prototype: Normal TEG
- Fundraise (throughout proj.)

All things to buy since the beginning of this month:
Heat Pipes
Lab Quests
Vernier Thermocouple- we need 2
Vernier Temperature Probe- we need 4
SparkFun Kits


Lead Meeting

Team Meeting

Meeting with Leigh