January 15, 2019

Hello all! Thank you for continuing to check in our InvenTeam; We have a wonderful development to inform you of! On January 4th, our team was invited by local charity, Give Hope Global, to examine a prototype of a hydroponic farm they built at an orphanage in Haiti. GHG is run by a man named Roger Braswell, CEO of Compact Power Inc. and a well-known philanthropist in the Charlotte area . While the farm is not currently operational, Rob Bolo, the man in the picture and a senior vice president at MB Equipment finance as well as a  leader at GHG, has informed us that we will be able to use the farm for testing as soon as we can get it up and running! This is tremendous for our project, as we will soon have a fully functioning system in which to test our SNAS! We would like to give a shout out to Give Hope Global as one of the greatest forces for good in our area, and thank them immensely for their help. Thanks to them, the SNAS will be operating in a real farm in no time!