March 7, 2016

To say last Thursday was busy, is an understatement. The culmination of not one, but two separate parts to the project came to a head. As a way to further develop our invention, with expert feedback and criticism, we entered into the Inland Northwest Business Plan Competition. The competitionserves as a platform for students to develop their ideas, and even launch their own businesses. Not to mention the $2,000 award for first place is an enticing goal in the face of travel costs to Boston.

Our first step in the business plan competition was a trade show presentation. In order to pass on to the next round, we had to set up a booth, alongside our competition and present to judges and community members for the duration of the morning. We got excellentfeedback from technical experts and business experts alike. It was long, and tiring, but beneficial event for our team and the project. We we're excited to hear today that we had recieved enough votes, and would be passing on to the next round of the competition.

Later the same day, we held our Mid Grant Technical Review. Now, the school we attend, Riverpoint Academy, is a non-traditional project based school. During the spring, we hold a series of info-nights to teach potential incoming students about the school, and perhaps show them some of the interesting projects that have been completed by current and past students. We decided to hold our MGTR in tandem with the Info Night for two purposes. We'd get a built in audience, and the audience would get a glimpse into student work at RA. It was quite a success.

We received excellent feedback from some technical experts, and had many of our ideas validated. Over the course of the day we presented to, founder and ceo of Key Tronic Craig Gates, Spokane Angel Alliance Investor Tom Simpson, professors from business and entrepreneurship programs at Eastern Washington University, Whitworth University and Gonzaga University and numerous other engineers, investors and business people.

Right now were heading towards a fully functioning prototype. Once we've reached an iteration with high functionality, we'll move forward to create a more finished, product worthy edition.

Here's Aidan and John's most recent Tech Vlog. Sorry about the audio quality, It'll be better next time!