May 20, 2017

During these two recent months, we chose to shift the focus of our invention to one product. We are now only pursuing the "Electric Heating System", or EHS for short. With advice from Professor Dario from Lone Star College - CyFair, we constructed a parallel circuit using two metals with varying internal resistances to create heat and remove condensation from the inside of a firefighter mask.


Entering the month of April, many members quit the club, because they had other responsibilities. Even though we had a to reassign a a considerable portion of the workload, the research and production of our invention continued.

CFISD Technology Festival 2017

We presented at our annual Tech Fest hosted by our district on the 27th of April. While at the event, we discussed our project with people from our local community and received feedback festival attendees, including a former firefighter. We gained insightful information about the need to keep the suit clean of soot particulates, the design of the fire suits and how it protects the firefighters who wear them.


By May, we designed a 3D printed gear box with gears to move the wiper blade across the surface of the firefighter mask's lens. Taking into consideration the safety of the firefighter, the efficiency and potential of each project, and the time we had left to finish our prototype, we decided to focus on the "Electric Heating System" as our main invention. Preparing for our trip to EurekaFest, we are making copies of our EHS as contingency reserves for our invention and concept idea to showcase at our table.