February 16, 2017

Tustin High School InvenTeam is hard at work now that the Mid-Grant Review is just around the corner. In order to prepare for the event, we have discussed about our presentation as well as designed business cards and banners. It is important to use this chance to promote our team and our invention. Our business cards and banners are designed so our social media is listed as well as our gofundme link for donations. Our banners are also eye-catching and livens up the event.

Business Card- FrontBusiness Card- FrontBusiness Card-BackBusiness Card-BackBanner DesignBanner Design

Our three presenters are also hard at work, practicing day in and out the presentation. They are prepared to show our audiences and explain our project with clarity and confidence. We will have booths set up, showing all the progress we’ve made and how we plan to approach our goal with a few months left. We also filmed a short video to welcome the audience as well as introduce the problem of gum litter in our school and in the world, for it is a serious matter, often ignored.


The team is ready to show everyone our project and how it was a great honor to be selected.