March 31, 2018

Hello Again!

This past month has definitely been a stressful one. In addition to working on our build, many of our team members also pursued independent research projects, competing in this year’s Hudson County STEM Showcase.

With the commencement of our spring break, and our build team eagerly waiting for the arrival of some more supplies, everyone has been putting their best foot forward to see the project through. Our goal is to conduct experimental tests with our Hydro Assay Vehicle by late April in our community pool. If everything goes as planned, up next is the Newark Bay in mid-May. 

Just this Friday, our team held a conference call outside of school to work on our Project Description Video. Our plan is to meet up again this Tuesday to begin the recording process.

In addition, we have discussed the idea of adding a new Vernier Radiation Monitor, complete with a Geiger-Mueller tube, instead of testing phosphate levels. After learning from our chemistry teacher that there might still be reminisce of the Manhattan Project present in our backyard waters, we decided to test it out for ourselves!

Until Next Time,
The Bayonne High School InvenTeam