December 7, 2018

Project Description Update
The focus for the month of November was to build the ground works for the rest of the year. The team met with Tony Perry over lunch to discuss the project’s outlook and potential problems the team may face. Although, the team has talked about a way to combat such problems. After receiving the credit card, our priority was to organize our maker's space and buy materials to 3D print the glove. Additionally, we have finalized our design concept for EMARA and are currently making CAD designs in hopes to begin prototyping by the end of the month (December). We have also been able to widen our community outreach, by getting in contact with members of The Center for High Technology Materials (CHTM) and members of the Army National Guard who are working on similar technology. By the end of December, we hope to have prototyped a glove and present our concept to our school's board.  

“Broke my wrist yesterday. Triaged three times! I hope we get this device working soon.”
- James Sandusky, Lead Programmer

Rodney is currently working on the final concept CAD design. As seen on the groups Instagram page, Rodney has made the portion of the glove that will come over the dorsal aspect of the hand. Currently, Rodney is expecting to have the design done before December 13th. Although, the CAD designs are due on December 21, 2018.

3D Printing
Once Rodney is done with one of the CAD designs, and the group has gone over the design, 3D printing will start immediately. The group hopes to have a working prototype by the end of January.

Due to our lead programmers injury, programming has become a little slow. Other members of the group will be assigned to either the Arduino program or the app if James is unable to program after his surgery. Although, due to his expertise, he will be guiding members through the programming process when necessary. Alex is working on the Python simulation program and is expecting to make significant progress this Friday under her mentor's guidance at CHTM. The programs and the app is due January 25, 2018, and the team is currently on track to meet that deadline.

Dummy Setup
Supplies necessary to create the dummy have been ordered and are expected within the month. Once the supplies have been received, Haely and Rodney will begin to work on the set up which should be done by February 10, 2018.

Danielle Plomaritas is the manager to reach out to Alex to start an InvenTeam through the Lemelson MIT Program. She has recently suffered from a serious complication after giving birth but is doing significantly better. Soon, she will be moved to a rehabilitation center. The team would just like to express our thanks to a phenomenal manager, friend, and mentor who has given us the opportunity to be a part of this program and to work on such groundbreaking technology.

Community Outreach
Adam has set up for the team to present to the board on the 13th of December. To meet the board's expectations, Adam and the team are working on a presentation that will cover updates the group has made since the previous presentation.

The group hopes to make significant progress on the programs and CAD designs in the month of December. By the time that January rolls over, the group plans on working on or finishing a working prototype of the device.

Happy holidays from The ASK Academy InvenTeam. Also, the man in the middle is, in fact, the teams mentor, Sean Hurley.