January 11, 2019

We are celebrating the new year with all the parts we finally recieved and can now use! With components ranging from a heart-rate sensor to an acryllic tube, our invention is now becoming a reality. After many months of planning, our testing team is now moving into high gear by creating the test apparatus for each "trial" our Personal Safety device must go through. Tori Duplessis is heading this endevour, with almost all scenarios digitally designed and ready to implement.
In the coding department, Carson Foy has established three out of five of the sensors on our newly aquired Arduino software and circuit boards. The Bluetooth connection is almost stable; without the connection, the Central Transmitting device  (CTD) and Sensing Wrist Unit (SWU) would be independent of each other, unable to communicate in urgent situations. We are happy to be making such big strides towards a fully operational prototype!
3-D printers, like regular printers, seem to know when you want them to work the most and then stop. Therefore, the mechanical team has been working hard to get them to work, while also revamping old models and resizing the CTD and SWU to match the buttons, lights, and antenne we have received. They have also been assisting the testing team to make their designs a reality. Teamwork makes the invention work!