January 31, 2017

Entire Team Updates
All teams are preparing for our Mid-Grant review, which is February 18th from 2:00pm -3:00pm at the Carmel Clay Public Library (55 4th Ave SE, Carmel, IN 46032).

Detecting Team Updates
We have furthered our development regarding the prototyping of the detecting device and are wiring the arduino with EDA and EMG sensors. We are also working on the code for the arduino device and are hoping to have it finalized by the Mid-Grant review.

Testing Team Updates
We are working on finalizing the schematics for the EDA hardware platform and we have  finished building the EMG hardware platform. Regarding the code for both simulators, we have been making head way in writing the code for the EMG simulator and we have found bases for writing the code for the EDA simulator.

Injecting Team Updates
This month we have successfully created our first working prototype using a stepper motor, a M5 threaded rod,  and a rectangular apparatus. The stepper motor uses a circular motion to rotate the threaded rod which allows the plunger to be depressed.

Public Relations Team Updates 
We have been reaching out to more  local doctors and professionals in the industry to gain their opinions on our device. We also have been preparing for the Mid-Grant review by creating business cards and brochures to hand out to guests.