May 25, 2017

Project Description Update

The Charles R. Drew Senior Academy InvenTeam invented a three tiered child and pet alert system for cars. The system detects if a child or pet is inside a car using infrared sensors. Upon detection, an SMS is sent to the driver’s phone.  Since the device will ultimately be integrated into new cars during manufacturing, it will utilize on board wifi.  If the temperature inside the car reaches 95 degrees inside the car, a voice alarm for individuals in the vicinity is activated. Finally, if the temperature inside the vehicle 100 degrees, a GPS location of the vehicle is sent to emergency management notifying them of the emergency.

Progress During May

This has been an exceptionally busy month as we have been working to finalize our device but we are also taking standardized tests and final exams.  Congratulations to four members of our team who were a part of Drew Senior Academy’s Legacy Class. Simone, Jeffrey, Tai and Kendall all graduated on Saturday May 20th!
APP Interface iOS -  We are still facing major challenges with developing an ios app that has the functionality that we would like, while having the aesthetic that we are interested in as well. 

APP Interface Android- Our app team has developed an app that communicates the mission of the app and then collects emergency contacts. The app also has images of babies in car seats to drive home the importance of entering in emergency contacts in the app.  It is our goal that the app would be integrated into apps that come with new cars.

The “Baby Saver”

As of this month, our device is fully functional and integrated.  Early this month we began the process of creating a duplicate device (for showcasing and for safety just in case anything unexpected happens at MIT).  Concurrently we have been iterating the housing of the device.  We design the housing, test, and iterate.  We are currently looking at a design with slots that holds all of the boards in place firmly.  This design is at a point where it fits nearly perfectly but additional iteration is needed to make it perfect.  Before EurekaFest we need to finalize and test our duplicate device and place the devices in the housing.

PREPARING FOR EurekaFest In June- The goal for last month was to create a lifesize cardboard car, a brochure, film a video that exemplifies the function of our device, and create an infographic dealing with information with our device. We did not reach our goal because our goal began at the beginning of last month but extends to the end of May. The group has successfully constructed the cardboard car.

 They have completed initial filming and editing and are going to do a couple of retakes and edit those in.  The video is well on its way to being complete.  We have several drafts of the infographic and brochures, and will finalize and order them to be printed this week. We are currently waiting on the app to be completed so that we can finish the infographic and brochure.

Goals for Upcoming Month:

Baby Saver: We still need to build a functional duplicate device for showcasing.  Finalize the housing.
Preparing for EurekaFest- In June we need to finalize and order our brochures and infographics. Also we have to install device in car and test for presentation.  We have to ship the car with the device installed.
We need to practice our presentation.

We are so excited to travel to MIT for EurekaFest!  After all of this learning we have designed a very busy and fun itinerary for our visit to Cambridge and Boston . Our last goal is to get as much out of this trip as we can!


We were given the opportunity to have an interview with Rose Scott and Jim Burress from the Closer Look segment on WABE 90.1 FM. Team members Krystina Bennett , Noa Holloway with teacher, Ms. White went to the NPR Station to talk about what we have been working on thus far on our invention. In preparation for the interview Krystina and Noa reviewed the talking points that NPR sent to us. Even though we are familiar with the information and the process of our invention we had to update the information that had been recently altered. While talking with Rose and Jim, Krystina, Noa, Ms. White, have had the greatest opportunity to get our InvenTeam name out there.  Thank you to the Closer Look team for allowing the Charles R. Drew Charter InvenTeam this opportunity. Check out the interview:
Reporter Jennifer Leslie,  came to Drew Charter to discover how the team works during a regular class. She asked questions, and we were able to answer her questions. Congratulations to the Charles R. Drew Charter Inventeam for their segment on 11Alive News! Thank you to the Jennifer Leslie and the 11Alive team for allowing the Charles R. Drew Charter InvenTeam this opportunity, and allowing us to receive multiple donations from the segment! To view the entire segment visit:


On our team,  Together Everyone Accomplishes More (T.E.A.M)!  We have been in three major teams for over a month now; the presentation team, the device team and the app team.  Each team is aware of their role and their tasks and have been working diligently to make progress towards their goal.
Congratulations to the class of 2017 for a successful high school career! Our work with the device  isn’t complete.
With our coding teams they have be working tenaciously on figuring out the codes, with troubleshooting and rewiring. WE CAN DO IT INVENTEAM!!

The Charles R. Drew Charter InvenTeam would like to thank Lisa Landon from Electronic Inc. For coming to Charles Drew and donating a $500.00 to our team.
This month we have made significant progress on fundraising. We have also received checks and cash donations outside of our GoFundMe platform! We are fully funded! Additional donations will contribute to future efforts of continuing our design. Please follow us on Twitter @DCHS_InvenTeam and consider supporting our effort by sharing our donating to our travel fund here: