May 1, 2017

April 30, 2017

Project Description Update
In April we dedicated it to get organize, and lay everything out for our presentation. The team sat down to discuss the importance of this opportunity. We have came to a conclusion to have everything by April 29, 2017. We have set a schedule for everyone to spend as much time working on the device as possible for EurekaFest. All groups have something that needs to be assembled and finalized.

Our project description remains the same. 

Our device will mitigate the number of hot car deaths of children and pets. We will investigate and test a variety of technologies to integrate into a simple, reliable device with a three tiered alert system. First, a text alarm will be sent, next, a voice alarm for individuals in the vicinity will be activated, and finally a GPS location of the vehicle will be sent to authorities notifying them of the emergency.

Progress During Last Month

Each individual team had a responsibility to get as far as we could with the provided time up to the MGTR. At the event, we presented to our peers and beneficiaries everything that we completed. We received a bunch of informational and productive feedback. Since then we have been incorporating all of those critics, which means adding new types of technology and updates to our device. 

While we have been updating the device and incorporating new ideas to get the device to fully functioning , we have came across errors and situations. This month we focused on Networking and completing our device.
We need all hands on deck, the more progress we make less we have to accomplish. Which means we don’t need as many teams as we starting with because everything is slowly--but surely-- coming together.
Our groups have shifted a little bit, we have names for different thing. 


Last month’s goal was to create a functioning app that could communicate with the data collected from the device’s sensors. The goal later changed to creating the app’s interface with a simple layout that displayed the mission statement, to the emergency contacts. Last month’s goal was not met, however we have gained a larger understanding of how this unfamiliar software works and the basics of a coding language known as create the user interface layout for the iOS app. The interface will display our mission statement, along with a list of Emergency contact information that can be entered.


Last month’s goal was to have a working app that would be able to collect a phone number so that the user of the app would receive a text message. Unfortunately, we have not been able to complete the app yet because we have been having troubling with the collecting the phone number aspect of the app, so the goal has not been met.The collecting of the phone number, so that the owner of the car is able to know if their child is in the car, is the one aspect of the app that still needs to be complete.

Sensor BOARD-

The breadboard is the raw wiring that is required for the device and the purpose of the gold soldering chip is to condense the size of the device

The first upcoming goal is get the ignition/weight board completed and sending information for us to read through the serial monitor.Another goal is to split the GPS data from the serial monitor into sections and only give the North and West coordinates.
GPS Board-

Our goal has always been to get the gps and sms board to work in unison. So yes we have reached our goal. We got the gps sensor board to work with the sms code and we got it to send to coordinates to the police.


The goal for last month was to create a lifesize cardboard car, a brochure, film a video that exemplifies the function of our device, and create an infographic dealing with information with our device. We did not reach our goal because our goal began at the beginning of last month but extends to the end of May. The group has to complete has to complete the cardboard life size vehicle which we chose to be a mini cooper and begin filming and finishing our video. We have a completed storyboard, and we are currently in the process of cutting out our car. We have several drafts of the infographic and brochures. We are currently waiting on the app to be completed so that we can finish the infographic and brochure. We are filming the video May 8, 2017 at Ms.Cox house.

Goals for Upcoming Month:

The same teams have set separate goal for the month of May. That they will be focusing on for the month of May.

The goal now is to have a working interface layout that responds to text inputs and tap gestures.To reach this goal we will need to work during extended learning and afterschool.

One goal is to understand how ThingSpeak works and how we are going to be able to connect it with the app. The goals will be reached by doing a tremendous amount of research so that we will be able to finish the app and test it.
Sensor BOARD-

Our upcoming goal is to ensure that while testing the temperature sensor can detect temps over 69.5. Right now the sensor is detecting the temperature of 69 and we want it to detect higher temperatures. We will reach this goal by continuing to test the sensor and we will try altering the code if needed.

GPS Board-

Our other upcoming goal is to get the gps board and sms code to collaborate with the wave shield and audio board.


Our upcoming goals are to film the video May 8, 2017. Also have a completed infographic and brochure soon.Finally, our last goal is to have the car cut out. We will complete our goal by glueing our pieces of cardboard together. Have all of the equipment need for the video, and all the information for the infographic.

Networking: We were given the opportunity to have an interview with R. Scott Belzer, from the Decatur Champion Newspaper.  He came to Charles R. Charter School to talk with Team members Krystina Bennett and Naomi Ray about what we have been working on thus far on our invention. In preparation for the interview Krystina and Naomi reviewed the Powerpoint Presentation from the Mid-Grant Review in February. Even though we are familiar with the information on the PowerPoint we had to update the information they had been recently altered, so Mr. Belzer would be able to following along when we have our interview. While talking with Mr. Belzer, Krystina, Naomi, Ms. White, and Mr. Ayers, have had the greatest opportunity to get our InvenTeam  name out there.  THANK YOU MR. BELZER FOR ALLOWING THE CHARLES R. DREW CHARTER INVENTEAM THIS OPPORTUNITY!

Check out the Article: 
Champion News Paper:



Also Congratulations to the Charles R. Drew Charter InvenTeam for their segment on FOX 5 News! Reporter Aungelique Proctor, came to Drew Charter to discover how the team works during a regular class. She asked question, and we were able to answer her questions. To view the entire segment visit:

THANK YOU FOX 5 for the opportunity, and allowing us to receive multiple donations from the segment! 

On our team,  Together Everyone Accomplishes More (T.E.A.M)! So far with our testing teams, we have had all of our sensor groups that we have shaped; (GPS board, Infrared, Sensor board, Weight Thermal) come together to check each other progress, to make sure we are all on the same page. We have been diligently working within our teams to overcome obstacles with the sensors, like making any adjustments to insure our sensors are functioning. With our coding teams they have be working tenaciously on figuring out the codes, with troubleshooting and rewiring. We all believe that they will complete the coding by the middle of next month. YOU CAN DO IT INVENTEAM!!

This month we have made significant progress on fundraising.  We have raised just more than $15,000 of the $23,000 needed to travel to MIT this summer (this total budget includes money for enrichment as well).   



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