December 19, 2018


Within the month of December, our team has made a lot of progress on our project.  The first major task completed included assembling prototype models of our modular devices, made out of 3D printed plastic. Solar panels were soldered with wires and connected to the modular device using velcro strips. A terminal block was placed in the device to connect the power source to the banana jacks. The designed Microbial Fuel Cells that use every day plastic food containers and normal felt showed more positive results in voltage production than the MFCs (Microbial Fuel Cell) made in November (made with same materials but not as efficient). We plan on completing the prototype modular device, which includes connecting the microbial fuel cells and using wood (a more readily available resource in Senegal) instead of plastic to make the device containers.
     Other internal updates include having received our new Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams shirts, having finalized a presentation based on the progress of our project, and brainstorming names for our module. We will continue working on our project expecting more positive results, giving everyone the opportunity to work with new technology.