April 25, 2018

Dr. Estabrooks speaking to the audience at our Mid-Grant Technical Review.


On February 6th we held our Mid-Grant Technical Review (MGTR) to showcase the current prototype of our mosquito breeding disruption device and receive feedback on our project. We worked to prepare for the MGTR by completing our prototype, organizing powerpoint presentations, and sending out invitations. On the day of the MGTR, we met Dr. Leigh Estabrooks! Our group was excited to have her attend our event and hear her feedback on our project. Our local community members truly enjoyed meeting Dr. Estabrooks and it is a sense of pride to know that both Lemelson-MIT and our community supports us. Before our event, we met as a group with Dr. Estabrooks to talk about our invention, the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams Program, and the potential methods we could use to enhance our project and presentation.  On that day, we also had an interview with our local Broward School education channel. The cameraman from Becon TV took short video clips of the group as we prepared for our event. The  MGTR  consisted of the main presentation from each team leads and separate table presentations afterward. We had a great turnout from our community. Our audience was very engaged with our presentations! We thank everyone who attended and returned feedback. We had representatives from our Broward Schools community and a representative from the Department of Agriculture in attendance. We also had notable alumni, family and friends, students and community members present to support our group and provide constructive feedback. A photographer from the Sun-Sentinel, A South Florida Newspaper, came to our event and took some group and individual pictures. Our audience had many great challenging questions. We appreciate the tough questions because they will help us enhance our project and consider aspects that we did not yet explore. We are using this feedback to improve our presentation skills, expand our knowledge of mosquitoes, and alter our prototype.


A videographer from Becon TV capturing Aidan Kelly in motion.


During the month of February, our engineering and sustainability team have had to reiterate designs and functions on our prototype. The feedback from the MGTR and Dr. Estabrooks and Mr. Paul Fucile have redirected the teams focus so that they developed a more specific use of the device. With that, we changed the invention statement to show the current state of the prototypes functions. The device will only collect environmental data as it pertains to mosquitoes specifically as well as create the wave disturbance that will disrupt mosquito life cycle at the egg or larval stage. Therefore, we will only have sensors that measure factors like air and water temperature and the motion of water.


Harold working on one of our prototypes!



Currently, our finance team is making paper beads for our fundraiser at the Oakland Park Youth Day which will be held on March 9th. The finance team has set a money goal of $300. Finance has also set a money goal of $400 for a Blaze Pizza Fundraiser night coming up on March 23rd. After selling pizza and refreshments at the last debate, our team made $900. The finance team is also searching for items they can sell to students in schools and populated areas. The finance team has been seeking for local companies that are able to offer a donation. Tijuana Flats is one of the companies that are able to donate. Part of a list of companies that the finance team has been assembling to give to Ms.Mabour. The finance team has been searching plane tickets for the whole InvenTeam to the Eureka Fest and will work with Ms.Mabour to contact Jetblue soon.

From the Mid-Grant Technical Review feedback, the communications team started working towards making connections with our community and creating a strong social media impact. The communications team is trying to make strong bonds within our Oakland Park community by sending out letters to local businesses and companies, especially those interested in supporting education and science. Another goal is to create an eye-catching advertisement for upcoming fundraisers. In our upcoming fundraisers, we hope to have a greater amount of attendance at each event.


Claire and Terrance listening to one of the prototypes vibrate!


On March 10th, the Northeast High School InvenTeam will be attending the Oakland Park Youth Day. We will be in the parade with our mentor, Ms. Mabour, as the grand marshal. Paper beaded jewelry will be sold in order to help reach our goal of $18,000 for Eurekafest. Our first fundraiser night will be on March 23rd at Blaze Pizza. We hope to see a great turnout.


Blaze Pizza Night


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