February 12, 2017

Since the start of school, Tabor Academy’s InvenTeam has been working on a year-long project to develop a marine ROV to help monitor the health of Sippican Harbor. The team, comprised of the Advanced Engineering Design class, was awarded a grant from the Lemelson-MIT program to develop “Sammy the Seabot.” On February 28th, the team will present their work to the public as part of a Mid-Grant Technical Review.

Divided into small groups, the team has been hard at work coming up with the overall design, as well as figuring out the best way for each component of the device to work most efficiently in the water.

Come learn about their challenges and successes in this fun presentation. You will no doubt learn about marine science and engineering while you hear their trial and error design process. The students’ enthusiasm for this real life project is contagious, so come out and support our Tabor InvenTeam!

The lecture has been publicized around town as part of our Science@Work Lecture Series. The InvenTeam and, Dr. Karl Kistler, their teacher, will be our first in-house presenters.  The lecture takes place at 6:30 pm in Lyndon South.