May 1, 2019

One of the biggest events for the team was the Mid-Grant Review.  We presented all of the work we have completed so far to a large group of people. Our planning process was a bit difficult.  Planning everything from the guest, caterers, presentations, and displays were challenging. We had several families in attendance, as well as the nurses from Integris Hospital, and staff and teachers from Canadian Valley Technology Center showing their support. We served light refreshments in the hallway outside of the room to help everyone feel welcome and relaxed. We had several displays set up near the entrance to the Seminar Center where we had seating for 80 people around tables.  The focus of the displays was showing our progress towards the invention. Some of the displays included different wearable belts so we could get an idea of the fabric we need to use, also showed the coding that was used to program the belt, the process on app integration.  An item of interest to most people was the testing solution the team developed to help test the FitBelt.  The testing solution is a mannequin that had a novelty costume piece called a pregnancy belly taped down so we could inflate the belly and get a variety of measurements with the belt.  This mannequin is really creepy but necessary for testing our work. We feel that our presentation went very well. With the amount the feedback and constructive criticism, we have come up with ways to improve our invention.