April 8, 2019

On February 13, 2019, the GHC InvenTeam held their Mid-Grant Technical Review. Our team hosted our parents and members of the community. At this event we presented our progress on our invention and answered all the questions our audience had about our invention and subteams’ responsibilities.

Through this process, our community was more aware of our problem, pollution in our environment, and how we plan to solve this issue. Furthermore, our audience was able to personally engage with our subteams and get to know the specifics of what we’re working on; after the presentation, each subteam hosted their own individual Q+A booths.

For the first time, our team was able to present a working prototype for our invention to our peers, SEAL, that locks the trashcan closed when knocked over. It also releases the electricity running the magnet to unlock the trash can when turned in its upright position.

One of the attendees to our Mid-Grant Technical Review was a representative to our city, Los Angeles, Robert Potter. He awarded our team certificates for enriching lives with the progress that our team has made.
Our team had so much fun hosting our Mid-Grant Technical Review and was glad that the turn out to the event was large so more of our community know about our invention.