January 20, 2019

January 2019

It has been a busy few months for The Marshfield High School InvenTeam. We are learning to face the challenges that design and invention require as we make our way towards the Mid Grant Technical Review. We have added new Team members who bring new areas of interest, skills, and energy! 

The Mech/Tech Teams have been hard at work developing our prototype addressing both the mechanical aspects of developing our safety system and the technical aspects of our warning system. We have also been seeking the advice of several outside professionals who have suggested some modifications to the scope of the project and offered suggestions to the Mechanical Team about implementing a stop system.

Our Design Team has been busy preparing models for our presentations and designing our logo and mockups for our brochures. The Design Team has been working with our PR Team to develop visuals, communications, and power points for our MGTR.

The Communications/Public Relations Team and Administrative Team have been working closely with our High School Principal to secure the facilities we need for our MGTR on February 28th. We will continue to work closely with the School Administrators as we get ready to welcome invited guests to see what we have been working on and receive critical feedback.

Our Administrative Team has been working out the details of our Run of Show for the MGTR and coordinating our weekly business meetings all while keeping us on task for our deliverables as they become due,

We are most excited about our upcoming “practice” MGTR scheduled for January 27th at DataWheel in Cambridge. DataWheel has generously offered to let us use their space to do a dry run of the MGTR in front of professionals from a variety of  fields. We are looking forward to getting important feedback on our prototype, presentation skills, and overall project.