April 25, 2019

MHS InvenTeam April 2019

Another busy month has passed way too quickly for the Marshfield High School InvenTeam! We have been hard at work perfecting our prototype, doing research, and fundraising for EurekaFest! School Vacation Week and Team member trips trips abroad and across the country may have interfered with some progress but Team members returned to school with new experiences, fresh ideas, and renewed enthusiasm!! We are ready for the countdown!!

In early April InvenTeam Members presented at the Marshfield High School Art & Technology Fair. Team members were able to interact with hundreds of guests and explain the Team’s  mission, design, and progress. Many guests, especially those from the trades, were excited by the potential in our design and felt that a Bandsaw Safety Device was sorely needed. We  were also able to interact with engineers, college professors, and interested parents who provided us with helpful advice and suggestions. As always, another chance to hone our presentation and Q&A skills was an added bonus! Additionally, we raised $700 that evening to help fund our trip!

Mech and Tech Teams have been working on our barrier drop device, hand tracking software, and sensor warning system. Some of the Team consulted with Scott Swaaley, founder of MAKESafe Tools, about incorporating elements of the MAKESafe technology into the design. Mr. Swaaley has been extremely generous with his time, advice, and donations to help us with our prototype and we are so grateful!! The Design Team is busy designing brochures and materials for EurekaFest! They also have been designing MHS InvenTeam T Shirts that we have been selling as a fundraiser!  Our Sustainability Team has completed their testing and received their CSDA Certification!! We are super excited that Team members have completed this awesome challenge. Our Public Relations/Communications Team has been busy reaching out to Businesses and organizations to help meet our Fundraising Goal! The Molly Fitzgerald Memorial Fund has agreed to match all donations up to $2000 to help us reach our Goal. We are almost there and are so thankful to the Molly Fund!! Additionally, our super Fundraising Team has collected over $400 in gift cards and a boat (yes...a boat!) for our Raffle! Great Job Team!! Our Financial Team is busily spending and documenting all of our Grant monies as we wind down to the final chapter!

As alway, we are so grateful for the Lemelson-MIT Program and staff who have provided this incredible journey for our Team!! We have learned so much and are now Inventors!!