February 25, 2019

This past weekend we hosted our Mid-Grant Technical Review. There was a huge turnout, and we would like to thank everyone in our community for witnessing how far we have come! Visitors learned about the relevance of sleep health and how our project addresses the issue of poor sleep.

I thought it was very well presented and I hope your invention goes far. Keep working hard!
- Torrance High School Student

Our MGTR featured a presentation of our progress, as well as four exhibits where visitors could learn more about sleep science and the project's components. At the sleep science exhibit, we spoke to guests about the stages of sleep and their impact on health, and they participated in a community sleep survey. The earpiece and testing apparatus were showcased, and guests interacted with games on the mobile app.

Attendees included local high school students, Rolling Robots families, and industry professionals, such as simplehuman founder and CEO Frank Yang. Overall, MGTR was a valuable experience for the team to connect with the community and sharpen our presentation skills.