May 28, 2019

We hosted a media day at Logan HS to demonstrate our Energy Management System for a Prosthetic Limb invention and practice our presentation for EurekaFest. Attendance was very good and we had a number of sponsors, parents, business partners and politicians show up along with three TV Channels and one radio channel.


We started off by doing the 10 minute presentation that we will be doing at EurekaFest. We had it timed down to around 9 minutes and we were right on. We then opened up for questions from the audience afterwards. We did not have many questions which probably meant we either did a great job of explaining the problem and our solution, or people were just hesitant to ask questions. We think people we just more hesitant in a larger group to ask questions.


We then broke into small groups (hardware, software, sustainability, finance, etc...) where people could walk around and ask questions in a smaller, more comfortable setting and interact with the team. We received a lot of positive feedback on the invention and some suggestions for improving our presentation.


Mr. Bob Loper from Hanger Clinic was in attendance which we were happy to see as Mr. Loper is a Certified Prosthetist and this would be the first time he had seen our design. Hanger Clinic had donated a lot of equipment for us to test with and use. He was very impressed and was pleased with the solution we came up with.


After about 45 minutes we wrapped things up and thanked people for attending. Interviews with the media went on for another 30 minutes.


Overall it was nice to put closure on this part for our team and community members. We are looking forward to EurekaFest and are beginning to change our focus to packing and preparation for the trip.


Thank you Lemelson-MIT Program for giving us this opportunity!