March 21, 2017

Entire Team
Some members of our team attended a robotics and technology exposition at the local public library in which community members asked us questions about our invention and the roles that the specific teams play. Overall, it was an awesome experience for some of our team members.
Detecting Team
We were very pleased with the feedback we received at the MGTR and took all comments into consideration. After the MGTR, the team has continued to progress by eliminating the use of a breadboard in the detection device. Also, the team has been looking at different batteries and have been trying to determine which batteries will be the most efficient.
Testing Team
Since the MGTR, the team has been working to improve the EMG simulator, more specifically the interface associated with the simulator. Also, improvements have been made to  the EMG microprocessor  and the team has continued to work on their MATLAB programming.  Regarding the EDA simulator, the testing team has created a mathematical simulation on a computer and has made impressive progress.
Injecting Team
Community members who attended the MGTR were very impressed with our prototype and were able to give us more feedback regarding improvements in the future. Specifically, a few knowledgeable professionals in the field were able to give us tips on how to make the device smaller and more practical.
Public Relations Team
After learning about various funding opportunities available from organizations suggested at the MGTR, we have been pursuing more financial support in order to minimize EurekaFest travel expenses for team members. We also have been more active on Facebook in order to increase community engagement. Lastly, we have partnered with a local restauant, Roma. If you would like to support the Carmel InvenTeam feel free to eat at the restaurant on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from now through June 1st. Make sure to bring the flyer that shows you are supporting our team in order for us to recieve a portion of the profits!