April 2, 2019

Project Description Update
March madness is really a too convenient title for what this month has encompassed for the team. There has been a lot of regrouping, reforming, and transforming! This month we have primarily focused on organizing our ideas and establishing the purpose of EMARA. While it has been taxing to say the least, we are beyond excited with the progress and potential impact EMARA could have on our community.

“The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare”- Bobby Knight


CAD/ 3D Printing
Rodney has a been working hard on brainstorming the new CAD designs. It has been a slow process since we are still working out the kinks of the technical side but we are pleased with the direction it is headed. As of now, Rodney is focusing on creating a design around a Bluno board, a tempature sensor, and a heart rate sensor. 

James has pretty much completed the foundation of programming. We are trying to get in contact with members of the community who would be willing to mentor James as he enters the more complex side of programming for EMARA. So far, the team is in contact with two professional programmers who are willing to mentor James. 

Flow of Information

We have made a lot of progress in denting the budget, which means Eurika Fest is just around the corner! We have new supplies that we will be taking full advantage of in the following months. One of which is the RFID scanner which we will be placing in EMARA to use as a patient identification number and scanner in the ER.

Community Outreach
We were beyond thrilled to get interviewed by our local news station KRQE thanks to the Be Greater Than Average program! We were able to make some great connections. The link is below for the interview:


In April we hope to finish 3D Printing and finalize the second prototype. Beyond the second prototype, the team will focus on other sensors and web application design. We also want to get to witness some live action from the medical community in New Mexico to help guide EMARA.