March 12, 2017

It is March 12, 2017 and we are definitely in motion. We all met in our separate groups and put our heads together to get working because we are only three months away from the big event, Eurekafest. We had to make a few changes technically. We have been training each other to do different things like work with the financial portion of this project and how to make a sustainability table for our presentations. Creating and sending invites for our presentation has also been an important part in every meeting we have had so far. Inviting our different staff members has also been something we have been working on. We are continuing to wire and rewire different utilities so that they will work at their best ability. Our different prototypes need many parts.  We have been using wood as a factor to use for our different prototypes. Our Social Media team has been working hard to keep everyone updated on Twitter and on our team access blog. Communication is valuable so we have been working on designing business cards and printing them so that the public can call us or communicate with us via email, phone number, etc. March Madness is kicking in but we are making our way through so that we can continue to benefit the community with our project.