March 21, 2019

MHS InvenTeam March 2019

After a few obstacles of weather and snow days, we had an extremely successful Mid Grant Technical Review on March 6, 2019!

We had a very busy February in preparation for the presentations. After our “practice” MGTR at Datawheel in Cambridge, the Design Team worked to make changes and improve our Powerpoint presentation. Mech and Tech Teams worked strenuously in order to modify and prepare our prototypes and sensor models. Our Public Relations and Administrative Teams helped greatly to organize the schedule, set up, and guests of the MGTR, which went very smoothly!

Our InvenTeam presented our invention and our goals to an audience of 47 people, including high school staff, parents, local government representatives, and local folks with a passion for creating and inventing. After our formal presentation, we held the board for questions and received tremendous feedback. Guests had some great suggestions for where we could go forward with our InvenTeam, even after EurekaFest! Our team members had time after the presentations to chat one-on-one with the guests based on their role in the group. We are extremely grateful to Marshfield High School for giving us a great center for our presentation and to the many guests who gave us their time and feedback.

Going forward, our Mech and Tech teams will continue to develop and modify our barrier model and sensors. The Design Team will work on creating business cards, developing our invention’s design, and potentially creating a new logo for the MHS InvenTeam. Some members of our Sustainability Team have passed the CSDA Certification Exam, and others plan to take it in the near future. Public Relations will work on keeping our social media pages updated. The Financial Team has been keeping an eye on our budget and planning future expenses.

Our main goal now is to continue working on our design to have a more developed prototype to present at EurekaFest, and we’ll be fundraising for the trip. Also, we hope to visit some other Makerspaces in the near future to get some new ideas and practice!

Our thanks to the Lemelson-MIT program for helping us in our journey, and for being so flexible and helpful with our Mid-Grant Technical review!