February 5, 2019

On November 27, the members of the Granada Hills Charter High School InvenTeam took a field trip to a facility of LA Sanitation.

This can be accredited to the engineers, Marco Sanchez and Raymond Roseadi that our team met during the STEM Breakfast held at Granada Hills Charter High School. Due to the relevance of their occupations to our team and the goal of what our invention is, we took a trip to learn more about our aspirations, firsthand.

When we got there, we got a presentation from Mr. Garcia, a worker at the facility, about the physical tipping of the trash can. He gave us dozens of demos for us to continuously see the trash can tipping over when lifted by the trash truck.

We also got the opportunity to learn about the trash can’s anatomy and structure by Desmond Potter, allowing the team to better understand the product we are working with.

Overall, the team had an amazing day! Learning about our product from the experts was super beneficial and a great experience.