May 31, 2016

This month we have made some finishing touches to our prototype. We have redesigned the casing and further improved our app. While our previous design sufficiently affixed the device’s electronics to the water meter, it was clunky and failed to protect the device from the adverse conditions that are prevalent in the eerie depths of a standard water meter housing. Since water meter housings are subterranean and notorious for flooding (even due to irrigation runoff), a hermetically sealed enclosure was necessary. In addition, a unibody design would eliminate the fragile clips that affixed the H2.0 to the meter face and provide for a streamlined user experience. The updated H2.0 housing is waterproof and can now be installed in a single motion.

We have also been working with a lawyer to file a provisional patent to protect our design. We hope to complete this before we attend EurekaFest.

Additionally, on Saturday, May 21st, we presented at the annual Archer STEM Symposium. This presentation was a great opportunity for us to practice before EurekaFest. We learned which aspects of our presentation need improvement, and we will edit them accordingly. We were lucky enough to watch the Archer InvenTeam present as well. Their presentation was very clear and informative, and it inspired us to refine our presentation to a similar level of polish.

As we conclude the project, only $520 remain. Since the team tee-shirts and Eurekafest shipping remain unpurchased, the remainder of the original $4,500 grant is projected to be fully spent without exceeding our budget.

Next, we will make the final edits to our device and app and practice our presentation so that we are prepared for EurekaFest!