May 3, 2019

This has been a great learning experience for everyone. The team continues to grow, leadership potential becomes leadership experience and the experience is valuable on so many levels. It is with high hopes and great expectations that these young high school scholars will take this experience and apply everything that they have learned as functional adults. I cannot stop mentally gesticulating over the great opportunities that the Lemelson-MIT program gives these scholars. I know our team is small, but their hearts are huge, almost not large enough to contain their fervor and internal motivation for the project! Again, we are in a sprint to get things finished up for EurekaFest. Issues with connectivity and design have reared up and we have discovered hurdles that have caused a few hundred more grey hairs for me as a mentor for this venture. The scholars on the team contunue to be focused on problem solving, as a team, and collectively continue to progress and succeed! Half of the team will graduate this year, and they will be missed. The team will contuinue to function, albiet long distance. This is only the beginning!