July 7, 2018

Project Update

Our project description remains the same:
“The St. Vrain Valley School District Innovation Center InvenTeam invented the Beacon Rescue Drone (BRD) system to aid first responders in finding missing or trapped persons during natural disasters. It is an independent system that operates without using cell towers. The system consists of three components: a beacon, a drone attachment, and a main station. The beacon is for the general public’s use, with one beacon typically allotted to one household, It is also small enough to be easily held by an average adult with a plug in 9 volt battery. This part of the system is also roughly $150 less than other commercial beacons. Once activated by the homeowner in the event of a disaster, the beacon periodically sends out short-range GPS coordinates to be picked up by the receiver transmitter on the drone attachment. The beacons sends out GPS signals to the drone attachment which transmits a signal to search and rescue crews located at the main station. The station logs the coordinates of each beacon so less time is wasted searching for people and more lives are saved.”



“EurekaFest was truly an eye opening experience that I was glad to be a part of. It was amazing to see all the hard work and the prototypes from all the InvenTeams. I really enjoyed the guest speakers, tours, and new friends made along the way. Lastly, I couldn’t imagine having such a great experience with anyone else other than my team.” - Benjamin Dashiell

“EurekaFest was an absolutely amazing experience. The opportunity to not only present our prototype, but view and interact with the other InvenTeams’ inventions was one I will not forget. The theme of invention, innovation and outside-of-the-box thinking was inspiring and has instilled a passion for each of the aforementioned topics in me. EurekaFest was exactly what I had hoped it would be and more!” - Katie Huonder

“EurekaFest was a lifetime experience! We were able to meet teams from all over the country that endured similar challenges that our team faced. It was a strong networking opportunity to experience. Overall one of the greatest weeks I’ve experienced.” - Tanner David

“Flying out to Boston and having the experience to stay on campus surrounded by driven and creative people was life changing. I have now seen the rewards that come from hard work and determination in not only our groups project but every other project.” - Patrick Cummings

“I thought EurekaFest was pretty sweet! I really enjoyed being able to meet other people that have like minded passions, and goals in life. Just being able to be apart of something so prestigious was an absolute honor and privilege, and I am quiet thankful for this experience as a whole. It really helped me get a grip on ideas and a direction I want to go in for the future. Thank You to everyone who made this possible!” - Sinjin Gudenkauf

"It was a truly life changing experience at Eurekafest. I got to meet so many fascinating people who shared the same interests as me and gain experience in presenting a concept that I helped create. It was amazing to tour one of the most prestigious college campuses in the US as well. It was an all around amazing experience that I felt honored to participate in. Thank you to everyone who made it possible." - Anders Tempel

"EurekaFest was an amazing opportunity to meet other engineering students and interact with professionals in engineering. The connections we made will be useful in the future of our project, which I feel inspired to continue after seeing where it could go from both other teams and the award winners. Thank you!" - Lindsey Deaver