January 27, 2015

Winter is Here

In the span of time since the last update, a myriad of milestones have been achieved for the Concord High School InvenTeam: 

  • Each of the four sub-teams have progressed in building and coding the device
  • We have re-visited Christiana Hospital for research and design
  • Ray Sigfried (VP), Guy Defibaugh (manager of textiles), and Ed Welker (floor manager/engineer) have visited Concord to learn about our progress and discuss integration
  • The end of this month marks the Mid-Grant Technical Review

The photo of the team is at Christiana Hospital, at the site where our device will be installed. The conveyor belt moves hospital linens across it; our device will detect dangerous metal, stop the belt, display a 'danger' message on the screen to alert the workers, expunge the hazardous tools or needles, and continue the belt once a acknowledgement button is pressed. 

Mini-Team Updates

The Display Team, in charge of coding the LCD screen, has now been integrated with the Central Control Team, in charge of directing signals across the device. A "Danger" image can now be displayed when a button is pressed, simulating a "metal detected" signal from the Metal detection system. 


The heat gun turning on simulates turning on the conveyor belt, as they share the same voltage. It serves as a proxy for now, since the device is not ready to be fully assembled. The Slow Loris image on the screen also serves a proxy for a "safe" background, and, as the Mr.Estock presses the button, the "danger" duck image displays. The button again, simulates "metal detected" signal from the Metal detection system.

Metal Detection and Clothing Removal System

Here the surgical scissors run across the metal detector, and in turn the pneumatic piston propels forward. This will dispose of any metals once they are detected. 

Where the Magic Happens

It was about time to check back in with our partner Christiana Hospital. Here we assessed the conveyor belt and how we could integrate our invention.


This is a worker sorting the used gowns and linens at Christiana Hospital. He risks getting stuck by a dangerous needle or surgical tool.