February 21, 2017

Progress is a time spending object, and time is dwindling away at a fast rate.  We have come across new obstacles that need to be overcome and yet we still are working at full speed to complete the C-Bot.
At the beginning of the month, we received the wheels that we ordered before Christmas for the C-Bot.  We attached these two large wheels to a 1' x 1' board and programmed the wheels to spin when advised to do so.  This is exciting, but we have had a complication on how to balance the board in the front and back so all of the controls and ‘brains’ don’t fall out when the C-Bot drives through a broiler house. We have suggested balancing all of the controls on both sides or to put two lead weights on both sides of the board.
We are trying to figure out sensors and raspberry pi and how to code them both. This is difficult because we have never dealt with these things before, but we are figuring it out one day at a time through the process of elimination and YouTube.
The edges of the board that the wheels are connected to wheels are officially rounded and the wheels are coded enough that when wired to a battery pack, has the power to turn, but we need more batteries and another battery pack to make both wheels to turnabout. These tires are the perfect size and has enough power to accomplish the task which is to prolong the life of broiler house chickens and market hens.
We are preparing for the Midyear Tech Review, making brochures, postcards, business cards and pamphlets.  It is hard to try to match the orange and blue of the Lemelson-MIT logo, but we have to if we want everything to look professional and yet, unique. 

The MidYearTech Review will be March 13th at 5:00pm at Spring Hill High School. And our team will present at TICAl tomorrow, February 2/22.  Be on the lookout for updates after our presentation.