April 2, 2019

We returned from Spring Break just over a week ago, and its as if we never left. Our jobs as a team are becomming more distinct as we head to crunch time. As Communications Lead, I have been scheduling fundraising events and reaching out to potential benefactors once again. On March 27th, Barro's hosted our first fundaising event and we earned $250! I was pretty impressd with my skills to make the flyer, eventhough, when stripped to its core, it was a Word document. Tomorrow; April 3, 2019; we will be having our second fundraiser at In-N-Out. They were kind enough to provide us with flyers, posters, and a banner to advertise our event. Two members of our team posted the flyers around school last week, and I have seen so many people acknowledge them. Whenever we have an event like this, I always fear that no one will even notice the flyers, but this week everyone has been very supportive. It has also been posted on social media : Instagram @CUHS_InvenTeam. Aside from fundraiser business, I have also been contacting companies and local businesses to ask for donations, whether it is money, product, or a fundraiser. Ive been stressing, just a bit, to mke sure I am contacting as many people as possible before taxes are due this month. I have been doing this for a while and thankfully some individuals have been getting back to me. For example, our local Fry's donated $100 worth of products to sell. Becasue of them, we should be adding over $400 to our funds. We are all very grateful. While we are on this fundraiser talk, I must reveal that some things are in the works to make our InvenTeam better known in the community and to a wider audience, as well as finding more creative ways to increase our bank. Becasue of this, we have made a Youtube account. Eventhough there are no videos uploaded yet, I am sure there will be VERY soon, so keep a look out for them. 

Again, I want to give thanks to our supporters:

*Frys *Barro's *In-N-Out *Green Manufacturing