May 24, 2017

     In the time leading up to EurekaFest, the Greenbrier East InvenTeam has been very busy. We have had visits from local engineers and chemists and we have also visited a local engineering company, ABB™, to practice our presentation. As our preparations for June are coming together we seem to be solving most of the issues we had found with our invention back at the Mid-Grant review. While our product has not been perfected to our liking, we are proud of our work and will continue to improve it. 

As the one year anniversary of the June 23rd West Virginia flood creeps closer we are reminded of the reason our invention idea was chosen in the first place. This flood devastated our community and we watched as lives and livelihoods were washed away. However, throughout our project our community has stood behind us and provided us with support when it was needed. The people of Greenbrier County are warm and considerate people that have always stood beside us to be proud and behind us to catch the team if it falls. The community stood behind us even after their time of need and for this we are grateful. The team has decided that Greenbricks™ will be the official name of our building blocks, honoring our home and school. 

With less than 3 weeks until we leave for Boston the team is full of excitement and anticipation.