January 19, 2017

     Things are getting serious. This week we had two weekly meetings instead of one, and made great strides towards finalizing the programs that connect the Raspberry Pi, the hydrophone, and the camera. Once we accomplished how to record audio with our existing appliances, we purchased a quality hydrophone and are now incorporating it into our plans.
      After several meetings, we have finally configured our transmitter and receiver system to a computer. With that  successfully connected, we are ready to take it to the next level. This coming weekend we are making another site visit; this time to our onshore location, a home within 1,200ft of the Kilroy.
      Our other sub-groups, communications and finance are working just as hard. Communications has been posting weekly updates through Twitter, Instagram, and this blog. While they post pictures and spread awareness, our finance team is using their organizing skills to keep all our receipts for our whole operation in order, as well as starting to fundraise.
      All of the pieces are coming together, and we are looking forward to what we can accomplish next week!