November 29, 2018

The Granada Hills Charter High School Science Team received a $10,000 grant from the Lemelson-MIT Program. The team consists of 16 brilliant inventors guided by their coaches and mentors, Ellen Reavey and Jeanette Chips.

Their invention, The System of Electromagnetic Assisted Locking (SEAL), is a device created that needs to ensure keeping trash bin lids closed during periods of high winds and attempts by wildlife to access the bin’s contents. Not only does their invention aim to reduce pollution and the chances of encountering dangerous wildlife in neighborhoods, SEAL aims to not interfere with the trash pickup system. With this invention, the GHC InvenTeam hopes to keep the streets of Los Angeles safe from the increasing population of coyotes and hopefully reduce the amount of pollution locally.

Following their success, The Granada Hills Charter High School InvenTeam was featured in their school’s newspaper, The Plaid Press. They hope to inspire other students in their school to step up to a problem they see in their lives or communities.

“It’s great to see students that are so passionate about using science to solve problems in our community. These students wrote a strong grant application” -Ms. Chipps, Granada Hills Charter High School InvenTeam Mentor.