December 19, 2018

As a part of Granada’s InvenTeam’s SEAL journey, Granada Hills Charter High School hosted a STEM breakfast  to provide students an opportunity to discuss ideas with fellow community members and professionals such as field representative for Dante Acosta, Angelica Chavez and civil engineers Marco Sanchez and Raymond Roesadi. Dressed in formal business attire, the team shared their vision for their invention over coffee and a pleasant breakfast. “It was such an eye opening experience to be able to discuss our ideas with professionals in the engineering field. I was able to learn valuable insight about ways to further improve our invention and understand what it takes to make an invention to help the community!", said InvenTeam member Emily Kumagai. Technical Lead Kyle Friedman shares, “It was invigorating to talk to people who were equally interested in the issue and were also excited to help us out in solving the problem.” The team made many valuable connections through conversations with the attendees. These attendees also displayed a willingness to get involved with the invention and visit during the mid-grant review.

In addition to making connections and sharing the invention, the Granada Hills Charter High School InvenTeam Educator, Ms. Ellen Reavey, and Mentor, Ms. Jeannie Chipps, were presented with Certificates of Recognition from local representives. Pictured below is Jason Maruca presenting an award on behalf of LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger.

An eggcellent breakfast indeed!