June 3, 2019

On April 27, 2019, several of our InvenTeam members and members of our Granada Hills Charter High School Science Team, represented GHCHS and the GHC InvenTeam at CSUN to teach kids about important steps they should set out in order to help sustain our Earth. The CSUN Earth Day Event was an event that allowed students from elementary and middle schools to learn about our Earth and how to conserve it. In addition, the CSUN Earth Day Event allowed organizations and different teams present their products and ideas to the new generation.

Sacha Escudier was one of the members of our InvenTeam who went to the event. Sacha had some things to say about the event such as  “It was fun interacting with kids and teaching them about our invention in a less professional and more relaxed way. It was also nice meeting other adults that are involved in the science field that imputed advice that we could possibly use for our invention.”

Anny Lam, a student at GHCHS, also attended the CSUN Earth Day Event. Anny also thought the event was an excellent experience.

“It was exciting to see enthusiastic kids learn about their earth through fun, interactive activities that our team came up with. Educational in nature, these activities were quite fun to participate in as one of the creators. One highlight was the trash sorting game where kids tried throwing labeled woodblocks into the proper bins. Although simple in design, it was effective in engaging elementary kids into actively thinking about how trash should be sorted. That level of skill can be even further developed at a young age -  I think it is just brilliant how intelligent kids can be. Participating in these kids' education was rewarding and I hope to do it again in the future.” -Anny Lam

Our school’s InvenTeam was so proud that we had the opportunity to present at the CSUN Earth Day Event. We are so excited to see what we will do here next year!