February 2, 2018

In the last couple of weeks, the CHS Synergy InvenTeam has made significant progress in terms of the technical aspects of the project. In December, the team decided to change the project's design to be more technically feasible, we have not struggled in meeting deadlines and following our Gantt/Pugh Spending Charts that have been regulated by our finance team. In addition, due to the change in the project's design and other circumstances, the cost of fabricating our project has decreased tremendously, thereby allowing us to allocate our funds to tools, higher-quality electronics, travel expenses, etc...

Along with significant progress in the technical divisions, our finance/outreach teams have also made significant advancements. In January of 2018, a new team member was added to the communications division. This new teammate led our school's Interact club and partnered with our district's Rotary Club; in adding this member to our InvenTeam, we hope to expand our connections with local businesses and find new sponsors/partners. In addition to this, our team had also found a co-sponsor who will be our male chaperone during our trip to MIT. He stated that he will also be able to introduce the team to more businesses/organizations in our area.

As for the communication team, we have not been able to use GoFundMe to raise money for the team because Fulton County does not allow it, so we are coming up with new ways on how to reach out to more businesses. As stated before, we are working with Rotary Club, and we plan to schedule a fundraising event at Panera Bread. We are getting ready to make flyers so we can invite people to the event, and then we will be handed around 20% of the profits, which will be really good for the team. We recently just met with Mr.Lamb, who is the engineering teacher at one of the middle schools, and decided that we are going to make a tri-fold brochure, which he is going to give out to the business people he's in contact with. We will also go around and reach to other businesses as well. We have already made an online invitation for the Mid-Grant Technical Review, and we will add more sponsors as we go. We already have one sponsor, but we will keep searching for more. Also, it took some time, but AJC just got back to us and we are planning to get in contact with each other very soon so we can invite them to the Mid-Grant Technical Review on February 22nd.