November 5, 2015

11/5/2015 - We will have our first lead meeting tomorrow at 2:30pm. Meeting details will be updated after the meeting.

11/6/2015 - The focus of our meeting today is the same as the November theme: Team Building!!! 

We begin the meeting by discussing our team organization system, scrum. We have a scrum board set up with goals for future and work that needs to be done now. We will upload a summary of this board the first of every month. Currently Logan is set as the scrum master, in charge of the technical aspect of the project and getting all components working. I (William) is set as product owner, communicating with our clients, mentors, and supervisors. We then talked about the webinars with L - MIT this month. Shelby and Jonathan will attend the 11/10 Communication webinar and Jonathan and I will attend the 11/12 blogging webinar. As with extra funding, we will continue to contact different corporations. The plan is to make video(s) to promote our project and seek extra funding that way.