April 30, 2017

On Sunday April 30, 2017 Nana updated the brochure and Misgana created the background for it. Misgana also took the initiative to look for a smaller speaker so it can fit in the base. Michael and Wenfei designed a new logo. Yuansong was uploading pictures to the google drive.  Loren made the business card, and Jem started on a side show we will present at Eureka Fest in June. David and Nigel were working on a program that is going to control the light with a phone. They also tested the desktop lamp to make sure the touchscreen Raspberry Pi would work. Joyful, Delia, and Victoria built the base for the orbital pendant light. Victoria also wrote the blog for today. Iliana assisted Mrs. Bechtel to oversee the process of our invention this morning.