March 12, 2019

Following our presentation, we asked our audience to fill out a Google spreadsheet that had a few questions to answer about the invention and presentation. We were able to get feedback from a majority of the people that attended. 

Overall, the responses we received from the participants was positive! Like any other presentation, we had flaws that seeped through. We are working to improve on speaking loud and clear, adding more examples, improving the prototype based on the feedback of what people would like to see incorporated, and slowing down the rate at which some of us spoke.

One of the questions we asked required the participants to state whether or not they liked our prototype and if they would like to see it in their local school districts. Everyone seemed to love the prototype, as we only got answers that stated that they loved the invention and would want to see it being incorporated into schools. We hope to see this translate into the real world and have our final prototype implemented for the benefit of school communities.