February 29, 2016

Our exo-expo, or mid-grant review, went fantastically. We had many people attend including board members from each school district and leaders from the Health field. Many families also attended. The president and the principal spoke at our presentation. It was a great learning experience to be able to present our project to a large group of people. There was a powerpoint presentation to begin, then everyone was free to ask questions and look at our prototype and individual accomplishments. They were interested in our social media and the getting to learn more about the technology behind the exoskeleton hand. We provided refreshments and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Within the folders, we placed our business cards and pens along with a copy of our empathy survey and a survey to know what people thought of our presentation. Everyone was interested and very proud. Thank you to everyone who came. 

We are working on our second exoskeleton hand. We have created the linear actuators and control pad and are working on adding more linear actuators to support the movement of the thumb. One struggle is creating the abduction/adduction movement of the hand which sets our invention apart. Looking forward to the reveal of our exoskeleton hand at Lemelson-MIT, we are working on different fundraising ideas to raise money for the team to go.